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Master of Business Management

MBA at REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL encapsulates the following salient aspects of preparing and developing an entrepreneurial spirit:

• Pioneering change

• Contributing to value creation

• Innovative approaches to business

• Mitigating risk 

In today’s volatile environment, with the accelerated rate of change, organisations that successfully manage strategic initiatives save more money and are poised to gain an advantage over their competitors. Today, there is much talk about change management because organisations live in a much more dynamic environment than in the past. The purpose of this module is to enable students

to make a strategic diagnosis based upon the analysis of the competitive environment and the identification of the strategic capability of their organisation in a context of a dynamic environment.


An MBA For Unconventional Thinking

the MBA will allow you to find your niche within the private or public sector. This will enable:

• the creation of opportunities to be involved in the development of policy imperatives

• the analysis of economic variables

• an understanding of the nuances of culture that influence economic and political issues, and

• insights into the global political economy.


The MBA degree is offered through a delivery format referred to at RBS as the

‘Supported Distance’ MBA. This format is geared towards students who prefer

increased contact through their studies. MBA students on the ‘Supported

Distance’ format participating in sessions, undertake case study analysis, business simulations and group work.


 Cost of course : R 57 800 (cash price - year 1)