Health24 appoints Sangoma to stable of experts

11 August 2015
Health24 have announced the appointment of a Sangoma, Gogo Moyo, adding to its already comprehensive resource of experts. Health24 have announced the appointment of a Sangoma, Gogo Moyo, adding to its already comprehensive resource of experts.
A Sangoma is a gifted individual who heals people through prayer or natural herbal medicine, always by the guidance of their ancestors. Being a Sangoma is hereditary, though it may skip a few generations due to the varying strength of ancestry in the family, one does not choose to become a Sangoma, Prophet or Inyanga, rather one needs to heed an inherent calling.
“80% of the South African population makes use of traditional health practitioners, which includes Sangomas and herbalists, so it made complete sense for Health24 to include these practitioners in our stable of experts,” says Laura van Niekerk, Editor of Health24. “They are as much a part of the South African health fabric as an Oncologist or Psychiatrist,” adds van Niekerk.
Gogo Moyo has been a healer since 2009 and completed her six month training in Mpumalanga. Gogo Moyo soon found that being in a fairly isolated area, she needed to find a way to help and guide people in an accessible way. Gogo Moyo started her website and now conducts online readings and telephonic consultations.
“By joining the Health24 stable of experts I hope to teach, inspire and motivate people to live a more spiritually enlightened life. Most importantly I’d like to help people realise that spirituality is a personal journey, and not one size fits all,” says Gogo Moyo. “Growing in spirituality requires one to feed mind, body and soul. It’s like going to the gym to exercise – you need to be committed and accountable to yourself in order to achieve the desired level of growth,” adds Gogo Moyo.
Gogo Moyo’s main area of expertise is on the meaning of dreams and how to interpret them. One of the biggest misconceptions about Sangomas comes from the lack of understanding of what a Sangoma is actually there for, something that Health24 hopes to address. “Sangomas don’t bring past lovers back and they can’t make you rich (otherwise I’d be rich myself),” concludes Gogo Moyo.
“We’re hoping to engage Gogo Moyo in video demonstrations, interviews and workshops around traditional healing, South African culture and heritage and the role of Sangomas in a modernised society. We’ll also be hosting offline readings and Facebook Q&A’s with Gogo Moyo, and we’re excited to be able to offer this content and resource to our users,” concludes van Niekerk.
For more information visit Health24 or post your question to Gogo Moyo here