About Hewitt Colenbrander Recruitment

Hewitt Colenbrander Recruitment was launched in March 2006 and specialises in recruiting and headhunting for companies needing to fill the following job categories:

  • Financial
  • IT
  • Managerial
  • Engineering
  • Agriculture

The directors of the company are Brian Hewitt and Steve Colenbrander. Brian Hewitt is a B.Sc. Agric (University of Natal) and MBA (University of Cape Town) graduate with managerial experience in the agribusiness, banking and hospitality industries having worked in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Steve Colenbrander is a B.Com (University of Natal) graduate and chartered accountant. Steve founded Colenbrander Incorporated which has grown into a sizeable and well respected Pietermaritzburg accounting firm with clients situated all over KZN.

It is critical for businesses to employ the right people. Incorrect placements inhibit organisational productivity and can lead to conflict in the work place. Achieving “best fit” between company, position and employee is therefore vital for both employer and employee.

We aim to do this by understanding our clients - their culture, structure, systems and strategy. We also endeavour to understand the external business environment in which our clients operate, which makes achieving “best fit” more probable.

Understanding our candidates is achieved by researching their backgrounds, interviewing them and knowing their aspirations. Where necessary, we will use psychometric profiling. We will then target the organisation and position to which we feel they are best suited.

A “best fit” between client and candidate, will enable us to add long term value to our clients in a mutually beneficial business partnership.

At Hewitt Colenbrander Recruitment, clearly defined values are the foundation on which we operate. We strive to combine these values with innovation

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