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  • Pretoria East
  • Salary: Market Related
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Posted by Delta Group on Wednesday, January 15, 2020
  • Reference: Corporate Affairs Executive
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Vacancy Details

Employer: Delta Group

The DELTA Group comprises 18 vertically-integrated companies that operate in the built environment. We have the human and financial resources, and experience to participate in the conceptualisation, assessment of feasibility, planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of projects, as well as equity participation if required.

  • The group operates in the following sectors:
  • Agriculture (greenhouses, packhouses and distribution facilities)
  • Education (lecture halls, class rooms and infrastructure for schools and universities)
  • Energy (low and medium voltage reticulation, and photovoltaic installations)
  • Government buildings (prisons, police stations, military bases and courts)
  • Health (hospitals and clinics)
  • Housing (low-cost, social and middle-income, single and multi-unit dwellings, and infrastructure)
  • Logistics (warehouses and cargo terminals)
  • Mining (infrastructure, haul roads and incline shafts)
  • Property (parking garages, shopping centres and office buildings)
  • Transportation (roads, railways, airports and harbours)
  • Water and sanitation (waste water treatment, pipelines and reservoirs)
  • Waste management (recycling facilities and landfills).

To provide the services described above, the group employs architects, construction managers, economists, engineers, environmentalists, facility managers, financial analysts, health and safety officers, project managers, quantity surveyors, town planners and visualisation specialists. The group also employs cleaners, landscapers, waste management staff and construction workers.

The Corporate Affairs Executive (CAE) will report directly to the managing director of the DELTA Group, the CAE will provide support in a one-on-one working relationship and will focus on improvement, with specific reference to:

  • Governance
  • Processes and procedures
  • New ventures.

The duties and responsibilities of the Corporate Affairs Executive (CAE) are discussed under the following headings:

  • General support
  • Regulatory compliance, including company secretary duties
  • Regular reporting
  • Operational assessments
  • Ad hoc investigations
  • Strategic planning
  • Monitoring
  • Business planning
  • Budgeting
  • Operational processes and procedures
  • Special projects
  • Exclusions

General support

The CAE will be required to provide general support to the MD including, but not limited to:

  • Compilation of reports and presentations.
  • Analysing of data and trends.
  • Review of company documentation.

The CAE will also be required to represent the office of the MD when required.

Regulatory compliance, including company secretary  duties

The CAE will be required to monitor whether the requirements of the following government departments are adhered to:

  • SARS
  • CIPC
  • Department of Labour.

Regular reporting

The CAE will be required to assess, summarise and report on the weekly and monthly reports generated by the technical and operational departments of the different companies.

Operational assessments

The CAE will be required to undertake assessments of identified procedures and processes within the group, propose improvements and oversee the implementation thereof.

Ad hoc investigations

The DELTA Group is continuously entering new markets and offering new services, and, consequently, a requirement exists for investigations and assessments to establish the viability of these new ventures. The CAE will be required to undertake these investigations and report back on the findings.

Strategic planning

The CAE will be required to provide support and undertake certain analyses during the annual strategic planning sessions of the group.


The CAE will be required to monitor the execution of certain corporate tasks and provide feedback if tasks are not executed.

Business planning

All companies, and certain technical and operational departments, need to produce business plans on an annual basis. They are reviewed every six-months. The CAE will be required to assist with the review and collation of the information contained in the plans.


All companies, and operational and technical departments, need to do annual budgets. The CAE will be required to compile the group budget and review expenditure against budget on a monthly basis.

Operational processes and procedures

It is the intention to have all DELTA Group companies ISO-certified. The CAE will assist the CEO in reviewing the identified operational policies and procedures.

Special projects

The CAE will be required to undertake special projects, over and above daily tasks. These projects could entail the assessment of a new technology, assessing the availability of human capital with specific skills, analysing competitors, etc.


The CAE position is not a personal assistant position and duties will therefore not include the making of arrangements relating to the MD’s diary, travel and meetings. The taking of minutes and issuing of agendas are also excluded. However, should the need arise due to unforeseen circumstances, the duties will have to be performed.  


Candidate Requirements


The ideal candidate will have a business administration or industrial engineering degree.


Experience is not a requirement; it is anticipated that the successful individual will receive intensive on-the-job training. Due to the fact experience is not a requirement, it is anticipated that individuals in their middle to late twenties will apply for the position, these individuals will, however, be required to demonstrate the necessary emotional maturity. 

Personal attributes

The CAE must be a personable, ambitious, hardworking individual that can work independently but also function as part of a team when required. The ideal individual will have the ability to exercise good judgement and must treat confidential matters with complete discretion. The CAE should also be able to work under pressure and execute tasks in a structured manner.

The CAE must also have the attributes listed below:

  • The ability to put structures in place to ensure an extremely organised working environment
  • The ability to relay requirements to senior management staff in a firm yet respectful and cordial manner to ensure compliance without creating animosity
  • An interest in, and basic understanding of, the construction industry; it will prove advantageous. The CAE must also, while in the employ of the DELTA Group, actively expand his/her knowledge of the organisation and industry.

Although the CAE will be required to work within a highly structured environment with clear procedures and processes, the individual will be required to demonstrate entrepreneurial flair, actively seeking opportunities and proposing solutions for encountered problems.


Applicants with the following skills can apply:

  • A good written and oral command of the English language
  • Good Excel, Word and PowerPoint skills
  • The ability to write reports, memos and formal letters
  • The ability to analyse data
  • Strong administrative and organisational skills


This position reports to: Group CEO Apply before Sunday, March 15, 2020 - 47 Days left Companies may expire jobs at their own discretion. If you have not received a response within two weeks, your application was most likely unsuccessful.
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The DELTA Group comprises 18 vertically integrated companies operating in the built environment.

The Group has the expertise and resources to participate in all phases of project development and operation, including but not limited to feasibility studies, funding, planning, design, construction and maintenance.

The DELTA Group companies employ architects, economists, facility management specialists, financial analysts, engineers, health and safety practitioners, quantity surveyors, environmentalists, project and construction managers, town planners and visualisations specialists.

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