Regional Franchise Manager 55808 - Unique Personnel, East Rand

  • East Rand
  • Salary: R25 000.00 - R35 000.00 Per Month (Negotiable)
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Sectors: FMCG
  • Posted by Unique Personnel on Wednesday, June 26, 2019
  • Reference: 55808
  • Apply before Friday, July 26, 2019 - 4 Days left

Vacancy Details

Employer: Unique Personnel

Regional Franchise managers oversee and manage 2 to 4 franchise managers in a region. In this role the regional franchise manager assists and manages respective franchise managers in effectively managing their franchisees with regards to key areas such as Strategy, Finance, Brand standards, Operations, HR & Product.
Further to this, it is expected that the Regional Franchise Manager develops and implements a store specific guidance program for each franchise manager to implement specifically aimed at growing the business and entrenching the Co brand within the market and supports the franchisee through development and training.
Regionally manage the use of technology and systems to organize and synchronize business processes within the given region—principally sales, marketing, customer service and technological support.
Regionally manage the implementation of customer relationship management by the franchise managers so as to maintain and provide a customer-centric service in the franchises which includes interfacing with other departments.

Client relationship management:
Build strong relationships with franchisees, through on going consultation process and action plans to ensure satisfied and successful franchise partners
Implement, maintain and review communication strategies so as to provide the best possible channel of communications with client, franchise managers and head office
Visit all stores in a region on a quarterly rotation cycle with franchise managers
Manage relationships between franchisees and franchise managers
Manage relationships between franchise managers and customers

Product custodian:
Evaluate all information, develop strategies and solutions, manage, implement and uphold strategies and company procedures through franchise managers in relation to the following:
Product quality and food safety through the effectively use of the audit Code
Baking procedures and principles are carried out according to organisational standard
Frozen supply chain is effectively maintained
Training of all staff and franchisee on importance of frozen chain
Repairs are conducted as necessary
Maintenance is carried out according to equipment service schedules
All staff and franchisee are trained on egg wash procedures
Compliance with all product policies and procedures

Ensure Regional Operational support, guidance, monitoring and reviews by franchise managers through respective franchise managers :
Driving and entrenching the use and effectiveness of all operational tools; audits, HR toolkit, Ops campaigns, marketing etc.
Ensuring all franchise stores achieve correct standards with regards image, service delivery, product quality, operational processes and procedures and human resources
Regular site visits to provider operational and business support
Identifying problem areas in store and agree strategies to resolve them
Suggest and implementing of good practice initiatives to Franchisee and monitor achievement of them
Achieve 24-hour turnaround time
Drive and assist franchisees in participating in the Ops campaigns
Manage, guide, interpret, develop, formulate and execute regional Financial growth through franchise managers who are required to :
Increase sales by 10%
Increase spend per head to national level
Increase customer count 260/26 days
Drive 47% gross profit
Reduce shrinkage
Manage, follow up and action outstanding debtors
Develop, interpret, incorporate, implement and manage, through cooperation, team work, joint planning and cohesion with the franchise managers in the region, the company strategic plan, as an integral part of each franchisees Business Plans and Budgets by franchise managers:
Assisting with the development and implementation of franchisee specific business plans and budgets
Interpreting monthly management accounts, benchmark and suggest corrective actions where necessary
Obtaining and reporting necessary financial information from Franchisee (monthly sales, expenses and reports from POS)
Analyse, make changes and email to Franchisee
Ensure budgets are accurately prepared every time

Ensure and manage franchise managers’ implementation of Point of Sale and upgrading of point of sale by Continuously assisting Co to implement POS systems
Assisting with training and understanding of system
Refer to and liaise with supplier when necessary
Conduct follow up to ensure problems are timeously resolved

Ensure and manage franchise managers implementation of branding and brand development by:
Protecting brand integrity via implementation and measurement of Standards of Excellence Programmes
Assisting and advising franchisee in selecting and formulating locality marketing strategies in order to increase brand awareness and grow their business
Ensuring implementation of national marketing campaigns
Enforcing correct use of all supporting elements i.e. point of sale (POS), premiums etc.
Act as brand custodian and ensure brand integrity is protected at all times via adherence to all requirements across key functions namely Operations, HR and Marketing, Training & Development
Assist and manage with locality marketing ensure key outputs are achieved (grow sales, improve awareness and drive social responsibility.
Manage franchise managers management and implementation of Reporting &Record keeping of :
Organised records and data on all franchise stores in own region
Administration processes meet organisational standards and requirements
Apply Co’s Code and action list
Monitor, review and implement action where necessary
Submit “What’s Up’s” weekly and as per requirement
Conduct quarterly audits
Complete all administration timeously (filing, letter writing, email communications etc.)
Arrange and participate in regional information sharing (regional meetings, letters to regions)
Ensure 24-hour turnaround time
Active participate in regional meetings
Active participate in Conference
Ensure and manage franchise managers implementation and execution of growth strategy in growing the Co Brand and footprint by franchise managers:
In course of their duties, identify potential new sites or opportunities for relocations
Constantly cultivate new markets/business for franchisees (wholesale, mobile units, new stores, kiosk etc.)
Actively drive multi-store ownership
Ensure and manage franchise managers implementation of Training & Development through :
Identifying through skills gap analysis formal training needs and arranging such with the HR/Training department for training intervention
Monitoring and reviewing staff development and training initiatives
Identifying in-store training needs and implement on-the-job training intervention and coaching
Ensuring all training conducted is in line with Co Operational standards
Conduct ongoing training with all staff including Franchisee to maintain standards of operational excellence
Identifying coaching and mentoring needs of all franchise managers
Ensure and manage franchise managers implementation of Competitor analysis:
FM’s to Monitor and provide feedback information about competitor activity within own region
FM’s to Identify competitor activity which could influence store and advise owner
Assist, guide, advise and manage franchise managers with New Store openings to:
Actively participate with and lead franchisee in opening of new store
Meet with Franchisee after all approvals completed
Establish requirements of store
Assist in staff recruitment
Place orders for uniform and stock items
Assist with store cleaning and set up of all equipment (fridges, freezers etc.)
Train staff (baking, cashier, cleaners, Point of Sale etc.) as per organisational standards
Spend 1 week on site assisting with store operations, sales, promotions etc.
Conduct ongoing one-to –one training/coaching of all staff members including Franchisee
Conduct weekly follow-up on new store to ensure maintenance of standards
Develop, interpret, incorporate, implement and manage, through cooperation, team work, joint planning and cohesion with the franchise managers in the region, a strategic plan and step by step process as integral part of each ICU Store’s management in
Managing the ICU list and franchisees to ensure critical care stores are identified and assisted to improve/relocated/closed
Manager Core Competencies:
Behave in a fair and ethical manner and foster high standards of integrity and honesty
Hold self and others accountable for company policies, procedures, standards and responsibilities
Ensure effective controls are developed and maintained to safeguard integrity of organisation and ensure assignments, projects, work orders etc. are completed in a timely manner and within budget
Equal opportunity:
Provide equal opportunity for all employees on basis of merit and without regards to race, colour, religion, sex, age or any other discriminating criteria. This includes recruitment, salary, training, promotion, transfer and benefits
Technical credibility:
Maintain high levels of proficiency in core competencies
Understand and apply procedures, requirements, regulations and policies
Seek to expand knowledge of current technical, business practices impacting on work of the organisation
Manage financial resources:
Demonstrate broad understanding of financial management practices in carrying out assigned responsibilities
Manage staff development:
Ensure self and all staff develop high levels of proficiency in core competencies
Inspire, motivate and guide others towards goal achievement
Empower others by sharing power, authority and information
Manage diversity:
Manage diversity in creating and environment in which people who are culturally diverse can work together cooperatively and effectively in achieving organisational goals’
Value cultural diversity and other individual differences in the workplace
Manage change:
Manage change by assisting self and others to adjust rapidly to new situations
Encourage staff to adapt appropriate behaviour and work methods in response to new information changing conditions and/or unexpected obstacles
Assist self and others to maintain focus, intensity and persistence even in adverse, evolving situations
Manage teams:
Ensure that the right information is provided to the right people at the right time to make good decisions
Take advantage of the collective expertise of employees to carry out the organisation mission
Encourage knowledge exchange
Display initiative, effort and commitment in carrying out the organisation mission
Act in a proactive and achievement oriented manner
Consistently encourage, develop, sustain and reward cooperative working relationships
Understand team dynamics and how to facilitate good teamwork
Foster commitment, team spirit, pride, trust and group identify
Performance management:
Understand roles and responsibilities of all staff
Use effective and appropriate HR practices in managing staff
Deal immediately and appropriately with employee issues and problems
Ensure all staff are treated in a fair and equitable manner
Ensure all staff have clear understanding of expected performance
Routinely meet with own staff to provide feedback on progress toward performance expectations
Take action to reward, counsel or remove employees as appropriate
Assess employees’ unique developmental needs
Provide development opportunities to maximise employees potential and contribution to achievement of organisational roles
Create a work environment that encourages creative thinking and innovation
Encourage staff to be open to developing new insights into situations and applying innovative solutions
Foster flexibility and open exchange of ideas
Recognise the differences in people and what motivates them
Utilise appropriate techniques to encourage and support staff in meeting or exceeding desired outcomes
Understand factors that affect employee morale
Create an organisational climate which promotes enthusiasm and dedication to achieving organisational goals
Treat employees as the organisations most valuable asset
Consider and respond appropriately to the needs, feelings and capabilities of different employees in different situations
Behave in a tactful, compassionate and sensitive manner at all times
Treat others with respect at all times
Actively listen and clarify information as needed
Foster an atmosphere of open communication
Persuade others and gain cooperation from others in order to obtain information an accomplish goals
Facilitate win-win situations
Identify and take steps to prevent potential situations that could result in unpleasant confrontations
Manage and resolve conflict and disagreement in a positive and constructive manner in order to minimize negative impact
Never create or contribute to conflict, unpleasant interpersonal interactions or negative work environments
Monthly Consolidated FM reviews
Monthly scorecards of FM’s have to be checked if correct
Scorecards of FM’s and scorecards send to franchisees have to be checked
All monthly and weekly reports have to be checked
Quarterly store winners reports of FM’s to be checked
Yearly store winners of quarterly reports to be checked
Matric exemption
Franchise Management Diploma
Business Management Diploma or Degree
Customer Relationship Management

Candidate Requirements

Matric exemption Franchise Management Diploma Business Management Diploma or Degree Customer Relationship Management
Apply before Friday, July 26, 2019 - 4 Days left Companies may expire jobs at their own discretion. If you have not received a response within two weeks, your application was most likely unsuccessful.
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