Job Summary
To perform Water Leak detection on water pipeline project.
Job Details
Employer: MECS

Leak Detection Expert - Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Project based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe



Minimum 10 years work experiences, 5 years in the similar projects with Water Leak Detection

Familiar with Leak Detect Equipment

Flow Pressure logging

Leak detection and mapping


Scope of works:

Water Mains Renewal and Replacement

Data logging for all the existing 27 district metering areas (DMA) in Criterion and Magwegwe reservoir

zones. This study aims to identify the areas with the high total Non-Revenue water (NRW) and high

physical loss and to identify the pipes in urgent need for replacement to reduce the NRW to the

acceptable limits.

The data logging shall at least include pressure and flow for seven (7) continuous days for each DMA.

The flow measurement could be minimum night flow (MNF), flow step testing or any other method found

appropriate and will achieve the data logging goals. Depending on the flow measurements and its

analysis, the Contractor shall identify and quantify the leaks and localize them either by performing step

testing within each DMA or using leaks locating tools (e.g. Leak Detection Aqua phone). Accordingly,

the identified and localized pipelines for replacement shall be agreed upon with the Engineer and Client.

To perform these tests, the Client will allow the Contractor to use the supplied leak detection tools for the

benefit of BCC under this contract.

All data logging works shall be performed by leak detection expert from the Contractor and a report for

Engineer review and approval shall be prepared.

The report shall include the measurements, the analysis of these measurements, recommendations about

the most problematic DMA, ranking them from the worst to best, prioritization of renewal works. The

DMAs included in the contract shall be given priority unless study results showed otherwise. This study

shall determine the baseline NRW and expected NRW reduction from the proposed measurements.

After the construction of all proposed works within the targeted DMAs (bulk meters replacement,

isolation valves installation, replacement of PRVs, replacement of the identified and agreed upon pipe

replacements, etc.), the Contractor shall retest flows and pressures for the targeted DMAs to verify the

reduction in total NRW and physical losses.

The expected total length of water mains renewal is about 45,614 meters.

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