Job Details


To assist the camp manager in ensuring that the camp systems, facilities, activities and staff work together in a smooth, safe and harmonious manner so as to ensure that guests have a memorable stay.

This purpose is coupled with the concept that the camp is a business unit that needs to run profitably with effective cost-stock controls, management of assets and environmental care.




Daily duties:

  • To support the manager in any way asked within reason and be a bridge between the Manager and staff.
  • Allocation of all duties to the staff in your department.
  • Responsible for all stock being used in your camp.
  • Prepare leave and off schedules fairly and place onto the notice boards.
  • Ensure that the staff committee is in place and works properly.
  • Oversee all staff food and FB guides food.
  • Awareness of all company policies, systems and procedures.
  • Keep staff notice board to the company’s standards.
  • Make sure that all staff are in proper uniforms and have name tags when they are front of house.
  • Manage the stores and storekeeper.
  • Control stock levels in conjunction with the Manager.
  • Document any training done in house and send a copy to HR for filing.
  • Ensure you are looking after all eco matters in camp in conjunction with assigned eco warrior 
  • Ensure the maintenance report books and checklists are updated.
  • Participate in hosting lunches and dinners as and when required with the manager.
  • Assist in cost controls
  • Ensure that all meals are on the table in time.
  • Ensure all staff members know what activities, arrivals and departures are required to plan for the day before – the daily plan.
  • Ensure that staff quarters, managers tents and guide tents are kept clean and in working order.
  • Ensure you have daily meetings with the manager and update manager on any issues or forthcoming events.
  • To complete all daily reports as required
  • To ensure all systems, procedures and policies are being adhered to.
  • As Assistant Manager it will be your responsibility to ensure that the camp follows the highest standards of service, dress, hygiene and interaction with the guests.
  • Ensure a daily meeting with your HOD’s and Manager to convey all information required for the day.
  • Ensure the correct usage of company equipment.
  • Maintain the recycling of the waste in your camp. 

Weekly & Monthly duties:

  • Ensure all weekly & monthly reports are carried out and emailed to Head Office
  • To ensure that all departments leave and off days are taken and report to the manager.

Candidate Requirements


  • All other members of staff are dealt with in a polite and helpful manner at all times
  • Members of staff are dealt with in a manner which maintains goodwill and respect and avoids conflict and offense.
  • The Management are kept informed about all activities of the camp and the staff concerned.
  • Instructions from Management are treated constructively and acted upon



  • Guest are greeted in a polite and friendly manner at all times
  • Guest’s needs and requirements can be anticipated through information received from the bookings sheets.
  • Specific requirements must be followed exactly during the guests stay.



  • Ensure all staff follow the camps rules and regulations.
  • Awareness of all company policies, procedures and systems.
  • Staff evaluations and risk assessments to be carried out twice yearly.
  • Ensure guides daily record book is completed to include sightings, client feedback, vehicle issues, clients have received all indemnity information.
  • Be a team player.
  • To carry out initial first aid or medical treatment for all staff on site.
  • To maintain efficient records of requisitions to enable accurate calculations of profits.
  • To carry out any reasonable request from the Field Ops.
  • To monitor all staff in your camp and ensure that they have continuous training as and when required.
  • To monitor working hours of all departments.
  • To ensure camp is run in a smooth and efficient manner.
  • Ensure camp is kept secure at all times.
  • To ensure that fire drills and evacuation plans are practised and clearly displayed in all camps.
  • Information boards in guest areas to be regularly updated and displayed.
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