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  • "Best rewarding company by far"

    Former Employee - Outbound direct sales advisor

    03 Jul 2019


    There's Rewards, recognition and respect. Their onsite clinic has helped me several times


    It's hard to get an internal promotion. If you don't perform there's no patience for you

    Advice to management

    Find alternative positions for your employees within the company if they are not making it on their current roles.

  • "Up the Outies"

    Former Employee - Retentions Agent

    20 Jun 2019


    13th cheque Free coffee Excellent training facilities Sports facilities On site radio available on Fridays Incredible atmosphere (gees) Free wi-fi


    Performance based incentive structure Working hours up until 19:00 Working on some Saturdays

    Advice to management

    No advice at the moment

  • "Great Company to work for"

    Current Employee - Inbound Sales Advisor

    23 Apr 2019


    Salary structure motivates you to compete with everyone around you. Potential to grow is low but there is potential even though it's not massive.


    Growth potential only possible for a small amount of people. Very difficult to move departments and be able to broaden your career in the industry. Changes made that upset people, but still get done.

    Advice to management

    Listen to your people. Allow people to grow and move departments easier and don't keep them there for your happiness.

1 - 3 of 24