5 jobs perfect for finance graduates

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The finance sector is one of the fastest growing markets, with 1000s of new openings on a daily basis. And due to a lack of finance professionals in South Africa, you would be well in demand as a finance graduate. If you’re in the process of deciding which career field to pursue with your finance degree, here are a few options to consider.

An Accountant

Are you a genius at monitoring money received and spent? Then this profession is for you. Accountants are responsible for things such as items paid, cost analyses and which are the best business strategies to adopt for the business.

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Financial Analyst

If you choose to be a financial analyst you’ll be tasked with helping organisations and individuals with their investment decisions. To do this, you would have to be very analytical as you’d have to analyse financial and economic trends in order to determine what might affect your client’s return on investment. You might have to write reports and review previous financial statements as well. As a financial analyst you’ll naturally have contact with very wealthy people and business which is great for networking and future opportunities. 

PFA or Personal Financial Advisor

If you ever need help with regards to choosing the best investment products, this is the person you would speak to. PFAs advise you n things such as retirement annuities, bond collateral, and identify the best vehicles to help you achieve your goals. Although this can be a very congested area, your earning potential is unlimited.

Loan Officer

Banks rely on loan officers to assess whether or not they should grant an individual or business with a loan. To make these decisions, loan officers have to judge whether or not the applicant should be granted a loan, based on their creditworthiness. Various factors are taken into account before making this decision, which is why loan officers need to be exceptionally good with analysing and interpreting financial data.

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Budget Analyst

As a budget analyst you would assist companies, agencies or organisations with allocation of budget and figure out what the best vehicle is for bringing in returns and making a profit. In this role you would have to estimate projected revenues and expenses accurately. 

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