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The most in demand jobs in the hospitality industry. (Shutterstock)

The travel and hospitality industry in South Africa continues to contribute significantly towards the country’s overall economic development. Despite the challenges experienced with last year’s visa regulation changes, tourism continues to contribute to the economy by attracting foreign exchange which increases jobs in South Africa and ultimately, contributes towards economic growth.

In the latest rankings released by the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), Cape Town was ranked among the Top 40 destinations for business tourism in the world. Durban and Johannesburg also made the list of the top five African cities in the 2016 Business Tourism events performance list.

Not overlooking other provinces like Mpumalanga and Limpopo, the following list provides the most in demand jobs in hospitality across the country. In no particular order, these are the most popular jobs posted by recruiters on Careers24. We've also included the median salary of each job.

Chef de Partie

Median salary: R84 000 per year

Sous Chef

Median salary: R122 725 per year

Restaurant Manager

Median salary: R111 116 per year

Head Chef

Median salary: R141 499 per year

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Executive Chef

Median salary: R292 774 per year

Duty Manager

Median salary: R146 066 per year

Hotel receptionist

Median salary: R57 000 per year

Assistant Restaurant Manager

Median salary: R88 394 per year

Food and Beverage Supervisor

Median salary: R107 036 per year

Restaurant Supervisor

Median salary: R158 299 per year

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