Don’t be a desk slob

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While you might enjoy your leftover fish surprise the next day, others might not enjoy the smell. Smell is one of the things you have to take into consideration when eating at your desk, but there are plenty more. Avoid being labelled a slob with our list of red light habits.

Try to eat at regular hours

It’s a good idea to eat when everyone around you is eating as well, that way you won’t annoy or disrupt your co-workers.

Keep it shut

No one enjoys when their co-worker chews loudly and with their mouth open. Try to choose foods that are “quiet” and make a point of chewing slowing to avoid looking like a glutton. Also, if you chew with your mouth open you run the risk of food falling out, which is less than pleasant for co-workers sitting opposite or next to you. 

Avoid smelly food

Anything that contains plenty of garlic, onion, strong spices or fishy smells should rather be eaten at home. You’re sharing an office with other people who might not necessarily like the same things you do. Be considerate and avoid foods that smell.

It isn’t cool to be messy

Keep your hands, face and desk clean at all times. It’s not appealing to co-workers and unprofessional of you to look a mess after you’re finished eating, even while eating your meal. Keep a refresher towel (wet wipe) with you to clean up. It’s a good idea to keep a small mirror handy for a quick teeth and mouth check.

Clean up after yourself

It’s not okay to leave your dirty dishes in the sink. Your co-workers will disapprove and you won’t gain any brownie points from your employer. When you’re done eating, wash your dishes and pack them away.

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