Avoid online networking going wrong

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Even social networks have their etiquette rules when it comes to finding a new job. Here are a few no-go zones when it comes to the online job market.

Don’t annoy everyone with your search 
Just because you have a few contacts in the industry doesn’t mean you should bug them in the first message you send to them. If you’d really like to get involved, perhaps ask if they need help with any tasks or comment about how well the company is doing.

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 Share a little

Social networking sites may be the last place you’d want to let all your information out of the bag, but a little bit of insight into who you are never hurt. A few words about your interests and projects could be the difference between you and someone who did not do the same. When interviewers search for you online it’ll give them an idea of what projects are suited to you. For example, if your profile suggests that you’re very interested in outdoor sports, a potential employer might want you to work on a campaign for their outdoor brands.  

Show your face
Adding a professional photo to your online profile will make you appear more human than someone who leaves the space blank. No one will discriminate against your photo and if they do, they’re the wrong fit for you.

Sell yourself on your own page
Never promote yourself on someone else’s page. Writing your skills and experience on a newly added friend’s wall, or anyone else’s for that matter, is never acceptable. It’s irritating and a sure-fire way to get you deleted.

Keep it professional 
If you’ve befriended a recruiter or a professional in the industry, don’t poke t them constantly on Facebook or send them awkward jokes via LinkedIn. Recruiters are not your friends; keep things professional at all times. If you absolutely have to share a joke, send it your friends and have a giggle with them.

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