Fired? 4 ways to save the interview

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It’s often quite tricky to find a job, let alone the right one for you. If you’ve been fired it could complicate things even more when your potential employer asks you to explain. Don’t fret – there is light at the end of the tunnel. Careers24 tells you how to tackle that obstacle with ease and confidence.

1.       It’s not a death sentence 

There are plenty of reasons why people get fired and yes, you’re not the only one. Remember your interviewer is a person too and they might even know someone who’s been through something similar. They also understand that sometimes the employee is not to blame.

2.       Keep calm and explain

Getting fired takes its toll on you, both mentally and emotionally. It’s important to make peace with the situation before trying to explain it to your interviewer. Talk to a friend or a professional to help understand why you got fired. Avoid venting during the job interview.

3.       Make it positive

Explain to the interviewer what you learnt from the experience instead of dwelling on why you got fired. It helps turning a negative into a positive as it shows that you are ready to move on. It also demonstrates that you know what to do differently and are eager to give 110% to your next job.

4.       Simple is best

In this case, less is more. Don’t divulge too much information about getting fired –it’s only one part of your work experience. Rather highlight your abilities to divert the interviewer’s attention away from the negatives.

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