Time for a career rethink?

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If you’ve been feeling less than happy in your current job, it could be time to consider a different career path. As daunting as this sounds, it can be done. With patience, determination and sound advice you can start building the life and career you’ve always wanted.

Steps to success

Step 1: Start with what you know

Draw up a list of all your skills and talents and find careers that match or require those qualities. Your values and goals should also be taken into account; the last thing you want is to end up in the same position you were in. Once you’ve made a list of careers that suit you find companies that offer the career you’re interested in and ask if you could do a job shadow or an internship.

Step 2: A mentor can strengthen you

Changing careers can be very challenging, which is why it’s a good idea to find support: a mentor. Ideally, your mentor should be in the field of your choice or have a wealth of knowledge regarding your desired career.

Step 3: Get real

Changing your career path is not easy. In fact, you’ll probably encounter a number of problems while trying to get on the right path. It’s important not to set yourself up with unrealistic expectations for example; you might have to start from the bottom again in order to reach yourdream job. Know the implications of starting over before you take a leap of faith.

Step 4: Think before you leap

Think carefully about whether or not you can afford to be without a good paying job for a few months or even a year. If you don’t have the required education, do you have the time to commit yourself to a new course? Gaining experience will take time so ask if you have the means and the patient to commit to something as challenging as a new career path. If this really isn’t an option for you right now, talk to your employer, perhaps they could give you more responsibilities or provide career development in your current role.

Step 5: It’s all about networking

Put yourself out there and start building mutually beneficial relationships with important role players.  Choose valued employers, well-known professionals and recruiters. The idea is to form connections with people who can help you get ahead in your desired career. If there is a professional social network group that shares the same goals as you do, join up; anyone who can provide support will help more than you know. Social media such as LinkedIn offer an opportunity to see who the industry leaders are, and what skills they have on their CVs.

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