How to become an irreplaceable employee

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With the current state of the South African economy, it is vital that employees become valuable assets in the workplace. If an employee is deemed expendable then they will be the first to go when it is time for retrenchment, leading to unwanted job loss. These five things can help you become an irreplaceable employee.

Have a Positive Attitude

Every job is bound to have days in which negative events occur. The employee who is able to keep a positive attitude through thick and thin is the employee that everyone wants on their team. Unfortunately, just one negative attitude can bring down an entire group of people so be sure that you remain a positive influence with an optimistic outlook to hold onto your job.

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Practice Teamwork

No matter what type of job you have, it requires teamwork in one way or another. An invaluable employee treats both internal and external customers as well as colleagues and supervisors with respect. Collaboration is an important way to show that you are willing to work with others andprovide input that is valuable to the entire workplace so practice being part of an effective team. 

Be Results-Oriented

Employees who simply show up to work every day and “get the job done” are not enough with the current state of the economy. They must also be results-oriented and set goals for themselves to achieve. For instance, if you work in sales then set a goal to sell 5% more than any of your colleagues and be sure to make your success known to your supervisor. Learn more secrets of unbelievably successful people here

Become a Role Model

A role model in the workplace is someone that others look up to for advice. If you are able to become a role model through exemplary work and extensive knowledge within the field you will quickly be irreplaceable. It is also beneficial for role models in the workplace to become mentors to new employees as a way to showcase their talents and their passion for the job.

Always Strive for Improvement

An invaluable employee in any workplace is someone who is always striving to grow and improve themselves. Whether growth comes through professional development workshops, signing up to take classes, or staying up to date with the latest developments in the field it is vitally important to commit to improve yourself. Lifelong learning is important in the workplace to become an invaluable employee.