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Salesworx specialist sales recruitment only recommend ‘A’ Players when it comes to sales talent.  We work hard to find you the sales expertise that fits your companies needs, your companies performance management culture and your wallet.  We are able to source entry level sales people through to sales director level.  

 “Our approach focuses on the needs of the hiring company and not the inventory we hold!”  

Our sales recruitment process is designed to identify sales people that will succeed in a sales environment specifically and individually defined by our client to describe their situation.   Our process ensures that only those salespeople with objectively identified skills, strengths, mind set and environment compatibility will be put forward to the client.   We offer you the metrics as well as the gap’s in a candidates selling skills, selling strengths, major weaknesses and crucial elements of success.  


90 day on-boarding  

So not only are we able to make hiring recommendations on all of our candidates but also offer you a 90-day on-boarding sales training and development programme that is specific to that candidate and designed to close the gap’s and  guarantee early ramp-up to sales success.  

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