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Careers / Beroepe is a bilingual recruitment medium that appears in Snuffelgids every day. It is a great source of information for all those who are trying to make the right career choice.

Beeld has an average of 392 000 readers daily. Beeld offers you the opportunity to place your vacancies ads 6 days a week with Wednesdays being the most preferred.

Beeld carries a wide selection of various vacancies from Private Companies through to Recruitment agencies.

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Commercial Advertising (Display / Blokke)
Tel: 011 713 9029
E-mail: beroepe@beeld.com

Advertising Manager
Leoni Bekker
Tel: 011 713 9029
E-mail: lbekker@beeld.com

Sales Executive
Elsa Siemens
Tel: 011 713 9109
E-mail: esiemens@beeld.com

Sales Executive
Sindiswa Nkosi
Tel: 011 713 9488
E-mail : : snkosi@beeld.com

Sales Executive
Sheralynn Immelman
Tel: 011 713 9056
E-mail: simmelman@beeld.com

Classifieds Advertising
Tel : 011 713 9007
E-mail: vakature@beeld.com

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