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An SBU is a specialist department that represents the NEC within a specific market sector, in a specific province of South Africa. The SBU only works on specific specialized positions that they are registered to process through the NEC.

To be a Specialized Business Unit we only consider individuals that possess strong communication and relevant experience within the industry sector. As a client you can be assured that the SBU you deal with, has all the experience to process your requests. If you give a request to an SBU and it is not their sector they will pass it through to the relevant SBU who will fulfill your requirements.

The SBU in your industry sector is there to build a strong relationship built on trust, communication, integrity and experience. You as a client can also request information regarding your SBU and their experience in your industry.

The role of the SBU is to make sure that you get quality and accuracy through us at the National Employment Center, we are but the engine of every administration function, and using the SBU experience to deliver the quality and accuracy that you would expect.

Our Attention to detail is quite remarkable! It is one of our teams' strengths that is continually encouraged.

We place on average 1 of the 3 candidates we submit. That's right 1 in 3! We only submit a maximum of 3 candidates unless specifically requested otherwise by the client. Screening

Our process for screening candidates is fast and accurate! Our consultants normally have industry experience in the specific area that the client is looking. And we can normally turn the right candidates around for the client within 48 hours of receiving the job specification.

The resources we use to find you the best candidates in the market are:- When looking for the correct people for you we have a few little extras that most companies don't have.

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    January, 2015
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