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  • "A family that will challenge and develop you."

    Former Employee - Sales Agent (Trainee)

    14 Jan 2019


    - Development - Earning potential - Incentives & bonuses - Rewards & recognition - Working hours - Support and resources - Company culture - High standards and values - Energetic & challenging environment - Safe and convenient location - Interesting colleagues and clients - Great permanent staff from management to maintenance


    For me personally: - as a sales agent the role is robotic & micromanaged. - some staff were too vague at times, but it is understandable working on a week-to-week contract. - disliked being advised there were training sessions/meetings at the last minute. Please note that my review is related to the training period.

    Advice to management

  • "Great Learning Oppertunity"

    Former Employee - Telesale agent

    24 Nov 2017


    Fun, Positive, Commission, working hours, great training


    Uncertainty, week to week contract, Customer trust issues, when customer call back on the number we phoned from it says number doesn't exist (scam)

    Advice to management

    Get numbers where if customer calls back it gets directed to switchboard or automated voice recording. true caller app on clients Cellphones shows our call center numbers as Spam and automatically block our calls.

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