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  • "CTU Review"

    Current Employee - Facilitator

    23 Aug 2019


    Skill Development, Enhancing qualifications, Facilitator Teams on each Campus supports each other,


    No Free time/ personal time/ no personal life. Working overtime without compensation, Not all processes are working. No benefits, Not even receiving lunch time everyday.

    Advice to management

  • "CTU Training Solutions Review"

    Current Employee - Facilitiator

    26 Jul 2019


    The environment of the workplace is very comfortable, as well as the staff, which are amazing to work with.


    The amount of work expected from you for the amount of salary is not worth the time and experience.

    Advice to management

    Management could be a lot more involved with the staff, as well as more supportive. A lack of communication from the peers was noticeable and could've been improved in multiple ways.

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