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  • "What a great componey"

    Former Employee - Retention Advisor

    26 Sep 2016


    Incentives Great co- workes Managment


    None Just work hard and you will sucseed

    Advice to management

    Dont need to change at al

  • "good"

    Current Employee - sales

    17 May 2016


    Good company with high values


    As much as you make money you can also lose

    Advice to management

    There is nothing to change

  • "Outsurance Review"

    Former Employee - business executive

    17 Apr 2016


    Colleagues Atmosphere Remuneration Training Facilities


    Disciplinary Matrix Actual on the floor departmental experiences Management to consultant communications regarding important changes Actual allowances made regarding lower level inputs. Actual management styles contradicting company values

    Advice to management

    Value experienced staff more, openly evaluate actual Individual management styles and inputs, actually get to know what is happening on your floor. Lead by example and who watches the watchmen? How transparent and fair are inter departmental evaluations and who controls the information that is ultimately provided to your shareholders? Does your managers and senior managers really measure up, or do they cover up?

19 - 21 of 24