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The South African Personality Inventory provides locals with its first reliable, valid, and useful personality measure. (Shutterstock)

Your personality is unique to you. It defines and guides you through your life – and through your career too. A job seekers personality is often appraised when recruiters are considering candidates for selection and placement. And as a jobseeker, knowing your own mind is key to a successful and fulfilling career. But we’re not all insightful enough to know our own personalities, so often we turn to that font of all wisdom: the Internet.

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Sound familiar? If you have ever completed an online personality test hoping to gain insight into your unique character then you’ll know the outcome is most often disappointingly vague or optimistically twee. 

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There is however value to be gained from understanding your personality type, and using your self knowledge to your benefit throughout your career. Personality has been shown to be able to predict how well you will perform at or fit in to different jobs and company cultures. 

Locally, there has been no scientifically sound quiz to reveal your personality type, and international questionnaires don’t take our unique culture into account. So a few clever psychologists got together and created the South African Personality Inventory (SAPI): a personality inventory suitable for all language groups in South Africa. 

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SAPI was initiated by Professor Deon Meiring in 2005, and has been completed with the help of Professor Fons van de Vijver, Professor Ian Rothmann, and a team of students from various universities across South Africa.

Their goal is to construct an inventory that is relevant to the South African multi-cultural context, that meets legislative requirements of the Employment Equity Act (1998) and matches the scientific psychometric standards expected of established assessment instruments.

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In short, they aim to provide the South African society with a reliable, valid, and useful personality measure.

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