Meet Petronella “Nana” Malgas, Laundry Manager

Petronella is a laundry manager for one of South Africa’s oldest and most popular wine farms in Stellenbosch. Western Cape. Petronella gave us a sneak peek into the day-to-day life of a laundry manager so that we could learn more about her career in hospitality.

laundry manager

Petronella has been working for Spier Wine Farm for 15 years. Petronella tells us that she loves everything about her job. “No matter where you place me; whether it’s the linen room or in any of the other rooms – I enjoy what I do,” Petronella explains. “I also love walking on the farm,” Petronella adds. “Whenever I am upset, I will take a walk to go and sit under the farm’s big tree. It’s a very calming place,” she says.

Beyond that, Petronella is well-known at Spier for offering advice to her colleagues. “I’m a very good listener, especially to my colleagues. They will often come to talk to me first about their problems before they go to the head of department.”

A laundry manager is responsible for running a laundry department’s day-to-day operations and also delivering an excellent guest experience while managing stock ordering and supplier relationships. The additional responsibilities of a laundry manager include up keeping training, performance evaluations, scheduling and supervising the other employees within the department.

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Telling us what makes her excellent at her job, Petronella says she’s a hard working individual who is also very good at planning. “I work very quickly – I don’t wait for another person to do my job. I take care of my own responsibilities,” Petronella explains. 

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