6 epic office accessories that'll make you the centre of attention (and make your neighbours jealous)

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There's something really cool about these little work desk gadgets.

Feeling uninspired? Perhaps it’s time you livened up your desk with some cool office accessories. Not only will they add a little change of scenery, but they’ll add a huge dose of inspiration to your work life.

What’s even better is that jazzing up your office space with a bit of style doesn’t have to break the bank. Keep your office chair and desk, then add these quirky accessories to get a fabulous new space.

Bluw Self-Stirring Mug

Wave goodbye to coffee spillages with this awesome self-stirring mug. All you have to do is simply make your hot drink and press the button on the mug’s handle, and ta-da, you’ll have a hands-free coffee in minutes.

What we love: The mug is insulated and even includes a non-spill lid.

Get it at: The Gadget Shop

Fellowes Mouse Pad with Microban Anti-bacterial Protection

If you’re a little OCD about the cleanliness of your workspace, this mouse pad will ensure that those bacterial buggers that make your skin crawl, are kept at bay.

What we love: Built in Microban® protection fights the growth of harmful bacteria for the lifetime of the product

Get it at: Takealot.com

Compact Mirror with Notepad

Got a meeting to get to, but no time to run to the bathroom for a powder touch-up? This Compact Mirror with a Note Pad will not only enable you to steal a quick look in the mirror before the meeting, but you'll also be able to take down the minutes of the meeting.

What we love: It comes in different colourful patterns.

Get it at: Takealot.com

Pussy Magnet Desktop Magnet

Use this desk accessory to keep your paper clips and push pins neatly gathered in one area. Talk about upping your organisational skills!

What we love: The back of the pussy cat is cleverly magnetised to tidy your desk.

Get it at: PriceCheck

Smoking Pipe Pen

During those times of tapping into your creative juices, pretend to be puffing away on this cool pipe pen. Then when you’ve got that ingenious idea, scribble it down with the cleverly concealed pen.

What we love: Writing has never been made more fun!

Get it at: PriceCheck  

IStuck Laptop Feet

You probably hate having bubblegum stuck under your shoe. But you’ll probably love having IStuck glued under your laptop. This laptop stand will hold your PC at any angle, without the mess of real gum.

What we love: It can also be used for your tablet, smart phone, and mp3 devices.

Get it at: Yuppie Gadgets

Your desk décor tells more about you than what you might think. So whether you're a neat freak or a hoarder, make sure your workspace has something to tell. 

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