4 sure-fire ways to tell you're earning less money than you deserve

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Most employees start out at entry level pay and earn promotions through seniority (Stocksnap.io)

A respectable salary is an important part of any job. It is a reason some people work at jobs they hate. Even a good job can be ruined by a low salary. It does not have to be a mystery if you are well paid or working for next to nothing.

1. Find out what you're worth
This will probably have to be done online. It's rude to ask about someone's salary and at some companies it is even illegal. If you are lucky, you can also look up the pay scale of your job at other companies. Are jobs like yours open at another company? Do they pay more than your current company? This might be leverage to use when asking for a raise.

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2. Have you been at the job for a long time?
Most employees start out at entry level pay and earn promotions through seniority or with economic inflation. If you've worked for a company for awhile you may be a viable candidate for a promotion. Promotions often come with a raise. If you got a promotion but not a raise, you need to speak up. 

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3. Have you or are you taking extra classes?
Improving your skills should boost your salary, especially if it is required for the position and the company did not pay for it. Some seminars may also count. If an employer asks you to take courses but does not reward you for it with a raise, it may be time to question your salary arrangements.

4. Does the company also offer benefits?
If a company pays less than average but offers benefits, it might be worth it in the long run. Benefits like health and life insurance, childcare, tuition reimbursement, and retirement savings are expensive on their own and can make up the difference in the salary or more. Think twice before leaving a job with benefits.

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