If you want to do a job you'll love, these careers are for you

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Finding a career doing something you love is never easy, but it can be done (Shutterstock.com)

When choosing our careers, we all talk about having a job we love. But that’s easier said than done, right?

Even when you know you want to change your career, it’s easy to wonder, What, exactly, should I do next? Where do I even start looking?

In an aim to make your career choice a little easier, we’ve collated a number of jobs you can consider  when you want to pursue a career you love.


If you often find yourself daydreaming about losing yourself in the streets of the world, then you probably have a serious case of wanderlust. And while it’s quite a mission to find a job that gives you the flexibility to travel, these jobs prove that it’s not impossible.

Import and export business

In today’s globalized world, you can import or export just about anything. Most import and export jobs are found in transportation, including logistics and aviation.  To make a successful career in this field, you’ll have to be innovative and have a never give up attitude, but it will be worth all the hard work if you can make it work.

Government related position

If you want to travel but still have the security of a university qualification under your belt, consider studying towards a degree in International Relations. Thereafter, you can seek a government related position, for instance in international relations and cooperation.


If you dream of creating and tasting recipes, devouring everything gourmet and learning more about culinary processes, these jobs are likely to suit your passion for food.


A majority of a chef’s time is devoted to researching food trends, planning and creating menus, budgeting and financial planning as well as recruiting and hiring staff. As a chef, your skills will never become redundant as they’ll be plenty of job opportunities for you in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, clubs, catering companies, educational institutions - the list is endless.

Food Scientist

Jobs for food scientists are generally concerned with researching things such as food safety, processing and preservatives. As a food scientist you’ll find yourself working in either in labs at universities, food manufacturing and retail companies and in government organisations.


If you’d prefer to spend the whole day on your couch watching Animal Planet than going into the office, perhaps it’s time you turned your love for animals into a full time job. Consider these career paths:


Whether you’d like to become a small animal veterinarian who works with dog and cats or a large animal veterinarian who assists with farm animals, a career as a veterinarian will allow you to protect and help animals against disease and injuries.


Whether it’s the fun, the challenge or the complete thrill you get from playing a game, these jobs will allow you to combine your love for gaming with a career:

Game Designer

Video game designers develop the creative aspects of video games, including the characters, the plot and the gameplay elements. Your job will be to identify various types of designers, including the lead designer, who is in charge of the design team. The lead designer conducts meetings to brainstorm new ideas, and also handles team assignments and schedules.


Video programmers have the best of both worlds: an amazing work environment and great pay. Programmers use various computer languages to create video games. They are responsible for writing lines codes that that determine how a game is going to work.


Not everyone has a knack or true liking for working with people. If you’re really a people person, it’s possible to incorporate your extroverted and caring personality into your work life.


A career in teaching will expose you to daily interactions with students, teachers and school administrators. As a teacher you’ll have to be likeable, open, communicative and caring.

Public Relations Manager

With a career in public relations you’ll never be bored. From social media marketing to event planning, to media training and beyond, the creative and strategic work you might do will keep you on your toes. As a public relations manager you’ll be in charge of attending and setting up press campaigns. You’ll also have to respond to media requests and to network as much as possible.

Now that we’ve done part of the job hunting for you, it’s your turn to prepare yourself well enough to be spotted by the best. For more career advice visit Careers24.