7 good reasons you should consider a career in hospitality

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The hospitality industry is so broad that you’ll never get stuck in one career (Shutterstock.com)

Whether you’re thinking of working in the hospitality industry or you’re already well on your way to building a career in hospitality, this is for you.

Here are 7 reasons why the hospitality industry is one of the most popular industries to work in.

1. You make someone’s day a little brighter

Whether you’re involved in management or you’re a concierge, you know that your day will be spent making your guests as happy and as comfortable as can be. Happiness, of course, rubs off – if they’re happy you’re happier too. Your day is not spent behind a screen or compiling spreadsheets – your day is filled with people and making sure they have a great experience.

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2. It’s an innovative industry

Not only will you be interacting with people all the time, you’ll also be in an industry that is innovative. Every day you’re ensuring that your product is better than it was before – how can the food look and taste better, how can you improve their experience, is there something that others are doing better? These are all questions that would need creative input.

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3. Your skills are transferable and can unlock new possibilities  

If you've always wanted to work abroad and experience new cultures and new people, your skills in the hospitality industry could be the key to a great adventure. 

Whatever you learn in this country can be taken to the next one. 

4. There’s plenty of room to grow

The hospitality industry is so broad that you’ll never get stuck in one career or with one employer. If you’d like to switch from a receptionist job at a spa to a reservations manager at a boutique hotel, for example, you could do so. And with the tourism and hospitality industry picking up in South Africa especially, you’d be spoilt for choice. You can work your way up too because there are plenty of hotel and management jobs for you to apply to.

5. It’s not a 9 - 5 job

If you enjoy waking up and leaving for work at the same time every morning, then the hospitality industry is not for you. If you, however, enjoy lots of variety in terms of the type of work you do and the hours you keep, choose to build a career in hospitality.

6. You know what you need to get into the hospitality industry

There is a set standard for what you need to get into the hospitality industry and there are plenty of institutions in South Africa that offer the training you need. 

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7. The working environment is great

Every office has the odd unfriendly employee but in the hospitality industry, you can almost be certain that you’ll be working with lively people. Think about it, if you’re not a people’s person and have no desire to work with people, you won’t want to work in hospitality. That means that you’ll be surrounded by some of the most vibrant and fun people you’ll ever meet. 

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