4 foolproof tips to make that job yours

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These job hunting tips will help you land that new job you want.

Finding a job can be a long and challenging task. There are bound to be many people applying for the same positions, so it is crucial to be as prepared as possible.

Here are a few foolproof tips for making sure that you make that job yours.

1.       Confidence is Key

You’re far more likely to find a job if you’re confident and proud of your skills and achievements.

Make sure you practice your interviewing skills by having a loved one do a mock interview with you. Have them ask you the really tough questions or give you a hard time – so you won't be completely unprepared if the same thing happens in a real interview.

You can also do a digital course like Personal Management for Success through Educate24. This free course is full of tips for getting through setbacks, recognising your self-doubts and managing life’s challenges, in order to be as successful as you can. It’s a great way to improve your sense of self, which will inevitably make it easier to explain why you are perfectly suited for the job you’re applying for.

2.       Complete a course

Having a course on your CV that is beneficial to the job you’re applying for not only makes you more qualified than the other job seekers out there but also shows your commitment to doing a good job which is bound to impress potential employers. 

Try out one of Educate24’s extensive courses which can be done online at your own pace in the industry of your choice: Finance, Hospitality, Construction, or Sales.  

Start an online short course today!

3.       Take time on your CV

Your CV should reflect who you are, and showcase your achievements and qualifications. It’s often not as easy as it sounds, and things like bad page design, long explanations or small typing errors might make work against you in your job hunt.

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4.       Know what you want

Personality fit is important for career satisfaction. You might know what job you’re interested in, or what industry you want to enter, or you might have absolutely no clue.

Either way, you should try a career assessment tool like Educate24’s Profiler. The quiz will ask you a series of questions based on what you enjoy doing, and will then tell you which industry or career path suits your interests best. You might be surprised what the assessment questions tell you about yourself – and knowing yourself enables you to promote your strengths, weaknesses, and skills better. Also, you’ll be better equipped to match yourself to a company while confidently and effectively promoting the significance of the match to the hiring manager.  

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