11 characteristics that might indicate a career in coding and software development is right for you

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If these characteristics apply to you, you might be perfect for a job in tech. (ShutterStock)

Merely knowing how to code and having some expertise in computer science is not enough to pursue a successful career in IT. Employers are also looking for other characteristics in potential employees, like personal attributes and skills.

Here are 11 signs, that academic test don’t show, that a career in coding and software development might be right for you.

You love technology

This might seem natural, but pursuing a career in software engineering is much more than an interest in, for instance, coding and hacking alone. You must have a passion and really need to love the numerous aspects of technology and the great potential and possibilities that comes with it. Appreciating technology for the change it can bring to peoples’ lives will benefit you on the path to a successful career in software development.

You love to learn

The more curious and eager you are to learn, the better. You need to know how things work and how to improve them even more. Technology is always evolving and you need to keep up to date and educate yourself on the latest tools and trends.

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You’re a problem solver

Since software exists to solve problems, as a software developer you will spend most of your time finding solutions to problems that occur. If you enjoy facing a challenge and figuring out all kinds of issues, you could be suited for a career in software development.

You’re a perfectionist

One tiny little mistake and the code won’t work properly, so you need to be a perfectionist. Every line of code needs to perfect because ‘good enough’ won’t do the trick. If you have a great attention to detail, coding might be a career for you.

You’re patient

If you’re aiming for a successful career in coding and software development, you will need to be patient. When a single mistake does slip through the cracks, you will need to go through lines and lines of code to find it. Or sometimes the goal of a particular project will change and you will need to redo all your hard work. Sometimes changes to the same string of code will need to be implemented again and again.

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You’re a team player

Developers are often working together to regularly review and redefine codes. It helps to avoid bugs and colleagues’ input will give new insights on how your code has to meet the users’ needs. This will also allow you to keep learning, handle criticism and improve your overall soft skills.

You love making things

When coding, your imagination is your only limit. If you love making things from scratch or making existing things work better and get a sense of satisfaction out of being innovative, a career in the digital world may be right for you.

You have a talent for winning arguments

Winning full-blown shouting matches doesn’t prove that you have a talent for winning arguments. But if you can convince people of your viewpoint by logically analysing the arguments, and if you can get your point across in a structured way, without shouting, you definitely do have a talent for winning arguments. This kind of systematic thinking will help you if you consider a career in IT.

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You have a musical mind

There is scientific evidence that there is a correlation between a musical mind and a talent for maths. If you have a great musical talent, you might turn out to have amazing mathematical abilities as well, which always comes in handy at an IT department.

You have a passion for games

Especially where strategy games are concerned, gaming will benefit you if you are learning to code. And we’re not only talking about online games, but also offline games like chess, bridge or risk. Strategy games help your ability to make decisions based on a number of different factors, which comes in handy for the job.

You’re a people’s person

As a coder or software developer, you are not hidden away from the world behind your computer. Often your work will require a great deal of interaction with not only team members but also co-workers in all kinds of departments around the business. So being able to easily communicate with people is a definite plus in this line of work.

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