South African youngsters reveal jobs they want the most

If you thought becoming a doctor, accountant or engineer were professions only young people from the stone age dreamed of, here's news for you. Regardless of today's digital age, many of South Africa's youngsters still prefer to pursue careers in medicine, engineering or finance.

Pondering Panda, a consumer insights company recently conducted a survey to find out what careers South Africa’s youngsters dream of pursuing. 1 043 young South Africans, between 18 and 24 participated in the survey.

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Coming up tops was a career in medicine with 18% of the respondents saying that they aspired to become a doctor, nurse or have some job in the medical field.

Engineering also featured as a popular choice among many young South Africans. 9% of those interviewed said that they dreamt of following a career in the building and design industry. Similarly, another 9% said that a career in finance was ideal – revealing that these sectors are still held in high prestige.

Unsurprisingly, amongst those who wanted a career in medicine, 58% revealed that they wanted to become doctors, while only 16% said they wanted to follow other paths within the medical field. In comparison, 26% hoped to take care of the sick by pursuing careers in nursing.

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When evaluating their interests in the private or public sector, a whopping 78% of the respondents said they preferred working in organisations that are not controlled by the state. Only 1% responded with dreams of working in non-governmental organisations.

Popular careers within the public sector included policing, education or social services. Careers in politics and government appeared to be unfavourable, with only 1% aspiring to pursue professions within those fields, whether locally or internationally.

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