How to get an engineering job with no degree

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You can get an engineering job even if you’re not yet qualified. (Shutterstock)

If you have an urge to create (or destroy!), and you have good analytic abilities, an excellent imagination and great problem-solving skills, then an engineering career might just be the one for you. It’s a thrilling career choice and one that pays well too.

However, engineering professions require specialist knowledge which is gained by training and on-the-job experience. This will require your time, hard work, and dedication. Common personality traits of engineers include conscientiousness, curiosity, and a natural maths ability– none of which can really be taught! So even without a university degree, there are still many routes open to you, as long as you have self-determination.

There are a number of training and career launching options available in South Africa including internships, bursaries, studying part time or being apprenticed to a particular trade

Attending a part-time course in a qualification such as an HNC or HND, while gaining practical work experience, is a good option. Several companies offer work experience through scholarship opportunities. But depending on your aptitude, you might rather prefer to start working immediately.  If that’s the case, applying for an apprenticeship for a skilled trade is your best course of action.

Different companies have many opportunities available for you. For example, the South African Sugar Association offers a great selection of engineering training options, as does South African Airways. Awesome apprenticeship programs in South Africa include those offered by companies such as Nampak, Murray and Roberts, Unitrans and Seaharvest. Group Five Construction and SANRAL also offer popular bursary opportunities.

With such a wide variety of training programs available, you are certain to find a fulfilling career in the Engineering and Construction industry.