The top 5 most popular Careers24 articles of 2016

To make sure you haven't missed our most essential and must-read tips, here's a little recap of the most popular stories of 2016. 

1. 10 highest paying jobs in South Africa

The career choice you make is influenced by a number of factors. But without a doubt, one of the most critical factors in determining career path is the amount of money you’ll make.

We scoured the web to find out which careers will take home the big bucks. In descending order we included the highest paying jobs in South Africa, with the highest earning potential for each job according to Payscale.

These 10 professions will still be cashing big checks this year, so read this if you yet need to choose your courses in college or are planning a big career change. You might be next to have money to burn. 

2. The best way to use leave in 2016

The Basic Conditions of Employment legislation requires that workers get a minimum of 21 consecutive days of annual leave each year. But thanks to this handy cheat sheet, you could have used your leave to gain yourself as many as 50 (yes, 50!) days off in 2016!

And it gets even better.

In 2017, you can use your 21 leave days to get a whopping 55 days of! Read this year’s cheat sheet here. Don’t forget to share this with your family and friends, so you can enjoy the long weekends and holidays together!  

3. 5 reasons why none of your job applications receive positive responses

A lot of us have been struggling in 2016 with negative responses from recruiters, or worse, no responses at all.

Perhaps you’ve been job hunting for a while and are yet to receive the first call back. You’ve applied to different companies, for different positions, at different times of every single day and you haven’t received any responses – not one phone call or email!

In 2017 we want to continue helping you to finally find your dream job. Here are a few things you should double check before sending out your next bunch of applications. If you haven't read these tips yet, go see them now!

4. Supporting documents you need to send with your CV

What do recruiters want to see in addition to your CV in your job application form? The answer could mean the difference between landing an interview and being overlooked.

The importance of the make up of your job application forms cannot be stressed enough. In the recruitment industry, first impressions last. All the hiring manager gets to see is a CV and the supporting documents. It is upon the first glance of your documentation that a decision is made: shortlisted or chucked in the bin?

Sometimes adding too many documents in your job application could be the reason you haven't received any job interviews yet, especially if you've applied via email. So, what do hiring managers and recruiters want and NOT want to see in your job application?

This fourth most popular article in 2016 will exactly explain you what your CV can do with and without, so in 2017 you can get the perfect fitted job for you. 

5. The hottest jobs in 2016

What jobs should you look out for? Which positions are going to increase in demand? These are the questions you should be asking yourself if you’re looking for a new job this or considering a career change.

While many of these jobs are in technology and healthcare, for those looking for careers in the marketing, sales and transportation, you would've been in luck.

In no particular order, these were the hottest, most-in-demand jobs for 2016. Even better, all signs indicate that they will still be high in demand in 2017! So what are you waiting for? Go check out what they were, and still are. 


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