Industries where networking matters most for a new job

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Various industries present better employment opportunities via networks. (

People always say it’s about who you know when it comes to making your next career move. And although there are many things that come into play, knowing the right people certainly does not hurt in landing your new job.

A recent report released by LinkedIn analysed hiring and professional network data from around the world. It revealed the industries where job seekers are most likely to get a job through a contact. The report found that individuals who hear about a job opportunity from someone they know, have a better chance of getting a new career opportunity. In addition, the employer also benefits in that the candidate feels a sense of loyalty towards the person who referred them.

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The above bar graph shows that jobs in highly technical and specialised industries, such as technology and entertainment, are most likely to hire from their networks. More than that, hiring managers are most likely to rely on current employees whose specialised skills or qualification they are in need of.

On the other end of the spectrum, industries such as the medical field, retail, restaurants and logistics, rely less on hiring from networks or existing employees.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned, we at Careers24 are firm believers of building a strong professional network no matter what your next job may be. If you use the correct networking techniques, it could open many more doors for you. For more tips on online networking, read on here

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