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Smilers have the resources and expertise to identify the finest talent for a diverse range of clients. From top management to general staff, we source:• personal assistants • receptionists • general administrators • human resources • marketing & sales • customer service • stores • logistics & production staff • accounting • auditing • bookkeeping etc

Because HUMAN BEINGS are COMPLEX, personnel placement is a DEMANDING field, requiring both knowledge and SENSITIVITY. After all the CONSULTING and interviewing, when all the paperwork and LEGALITIES have been checked and rechecked…the IMPORTANT thing is the TRUST and CONFIDENCE generated by a job done with CONSCIENTIOUSNESS and CARE. That, we BELIEVE, is the SMILERS Selection DIFFERENCE

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  • 2nd Floor, East Block, Tannery Park
  • Belmont Road
  • Rondebosch
  • Cape Town
  • South Africa
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Tel: +27216860611