E for Exec Recruitment (Pty) Ltd

  • 5 Derby Place, Level 3, Derby Downs Office Park
  • Westville
  • 3629
  • Telephone: 0312671433
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The Firm is a unique concept.

The only one of its kind as a matter of fact.

Offering a truly personalised range of services related to HR in general and to choice partners in particular.

At E for Exec, we strongly believe in putting our partners' needs (that's you) above everything else. Our approach is geared to making sure YOU are given the best possible assistance and all the attention YOU demand and deserve in an impeccable professional manner.

E for Exec is to Human Resources what private banking is to a general bank. We are at the forefront of the evolution of our industry, operating only at seniority level, catering to your very unique personal needs and goals using the best technology available.

Creating a wide ranging network of partners / experts / associates / candidates / coaches, we strive to offer a seamless stream of available information about people, methods, and management. We are a local South African company and we have enormous global capabilities.