Are you sure you're ready to sign?

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You’ve been searching for jobs for months, and finally managed to land one that you think might be the one, but is it really? Have you asked yourself the right questions to make sure you’re not just accepting out of desperation? Think before you sign. 

What do the company’s finances look like?

It’s no secret that the economy is suffering so make sure you’re taking a leap with your eyes wide open. Read the news, look at press releases from the company – research as much as you can before making decisions. 

Are you prepared to travel the distance?

How far are the offices from your house? Think about traffic, time, and whether it’s worth travelling for almost 2 hours every morning. 

Is the company culture and environment right for you?

The culture of a company is very important to your growth and success. For example, if you work best in a closed off space and the company believes in open plan offices, you might not thrive or be as happy as you could be elsewhere. The right fit makes a big difference.

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Have you researched your boss?
Your boss could be the reason you choose to stay or leave a company. Most people get an idea of their boss during the interview process or while walking around the offices. If other team members seem unhappy there might be a chance that your boss is to blame. Research as much as you can before making your decision. 

Are the company’s expectations within reach?

Does the company expect you to turn around a failing department in just a few months? Are you expected to wave a non-existent magic wand and solve a decade's worth of problems? Make sure you aren't overpromising and setting up a situation where you may under-deliver.

What are your expectations? 
Have you looked at their benefit structure? Do you know how many leave days you qualify for and if the company encourages flexi time? Do they offer a pension and retirement fund? Make sure you know the answers to these questions before signing to avoid any nasty surprises later down the line.

Is there room for growth?
Hopefully you’re moving careers for more growth. Have you asked if there are any opportunities for growth inside of your position? Will this new role fit into an overall career plan? If not, are you sure this is the right move for you? Avoid accepting jobs that won’t take you any further in your career.