If you think your job is tough, spare a thought for the ones who have to do the jobs that no one else wants to do. Here’s a countdown to the weirdest job in the world.

10. Worm picker
A worm picker’s job starts when you’re sleeping. Rainy days are best for picking as well. What do they do? Well, after they find the best of the bunch, they stuff them into cans to sell at fishermen markets.

9. Pet food tester
Yip, you guessed it – these people test animal food. In order for animal food to meet a food technologist’s standards, pet food testers have to taste, chew and smell the food to ensure it’s top quality.

8. Body farm caretaker
This is not a job for the faint-hearted. A body farm caretaker removes a body from a grave, picks off the maggots and any other insects to allow scientists to examine and investigate the flesh. These investigations bring insight into murder cases by comparing soil samples etc.

7. Professional sleeper
Ever wanted to sleep and get paid for it? Then this job is for you. Professional sleepers participate in sleep studies and research projects.

6. Shark tank cleaner
Shark tank cleaners have to clean shark tanks, just in case you were wondering...

5. Chicken sexer
This job actually involves a lot more than you think. To be a chicken sexer you must first undergo rigorous training, of course. A qualified chicken sexer will have to identify and separate the females from the male chickens.

4. Road kill cleaner
All the dead cat, dog, bird, rat and squirrel bodies we pass on the road has to be picked up by road kill cleaners. They have to pluck them off the road, dump them into their car and drive with the stench all the way to the next road kill.

3. Fortune cookie writer
A fortune cookie writer must continuously come up with new and creative short phrases to put inside a fortune cookie. No company wants the same message over and over again... so try to forgive the odd mix up here and there.

2. Dice inspector
Ice inspectors need to ensure that the angle and proportions of the dice is absolutely perfect. Anything less and the dice will fall unevenly. If these guys don’t do their job properly, the company could be sued.

1. Vomit collector
And the weirdest job in the world is... a Vomit collector. These people are especially popular in entertainment parks. That’s why you’ll never see a drop of spillage on your favourite rollercoaster ride.

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