A job interview is one of the tasks we have to perform to ensure we’re ready for the world of adulthood. Because of that, they’re often nerve-wracking and filled with plenty of surprises to get you thinking. If you spot any of the below signs, well done! That means your interview is going well and according to plan.

The hiring manager speaks about your future
Listen carefully. Does the interviewer speak about you as already being part of the company? If you hear them say things like “once you start with us you’ll...” or “you’ll fit right in with the team”, chances are they’ve already got you in mind for the role.

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The interviewer wants to know more
If the interviewer has asked you to elaborate on something that you’ve said, it’s a good sign that things are going well. If they were bored with you they wouldn’t want to know anything else. Also look for signs that the interviewer does not want to be disturbed by other appointments or phone calls.

Your interviewer’s body language is positive
If they’re nodding, smiling, leaning in or making good eye contact, you’re probably seriously being considered for the position. Try not to focus on their body language too much; it could cause you to lose focus of your interview.

The interviewer is selling, not grilling
If the interviewer is interested in hiring you, you’ll notice they’ll be selling the company and the environment to you instead of making you feel uncomfortable. Also, if the interviewer asks where else you’re going for interviewers, you can be very sure they want to secure you before the others do.  

Your interview is not cut short
Time is money and many recruiters and interviewers are very busy people so if they don’t mind that the interview is running over its scheduled time, it’s a good sign that you might in fact have a future in the company.  

Co-workers are pulled in to meet you
If the interviewer calls colleagues to meet you or pulls someone out of a meeting to see you, you’ve probably got it in the bag.  
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