If you care about your career, and where it’s going, you need to take a look at the list of these things we’ve identified as harmful career habits. You may find that a change of attitude is all it takes to turn things around.

You don’t meet deadlines  
If you find that you’re often missing important deadlines and are late for meetings, you need to rethink your time management. Not only is it disrespectful to your colleagues, it’s also guaranteed to discredit you. Manage your time better by setting up reminders on your calendar or make a to-list to keep you informed of what needs to be done and what you’ve completed. Your time is valuable – make it count.

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Team work doesn’t exist with you
Every company needs a team player. Not just anyone; someone who can work well within a team, who contributes positively to their team and someone who is both a good communicator and listener. A team player encourages and finds the good qualities in others in order to enhance the team’s success. Are you a team player?

You don’t keep it professional
Almost every office has one of these people; make sure you aren’t that person. If you bring your personal baggage to work, talk badly about your boss or colleagues, partake in office gossip, misuse the work’s resources or are not productive, you’re not keeping it professional. Leave personal issues at the door and if you’re having problems at work and find it hard to concentrate, arrange a meeting with your manager or boss to discuss them instead of telling everyone else about it.

You can’t cope with pressure
While every profession has its fair share of stress, how you handle the stress is the deciding factor; don't let it control you. If the added stress harmful to your performance and your work is not as great as it was, perhaps you should consider a time out. Take leave and treat yourself to a well-deserved holiday if you feel that you need a break. Learn to identify why the stress is affecting you and how you can deal with it better. Find out how you can stop stress here.

You don’t show initiative
You may have gotten too comfortable in your current job and have therefore become complacent. Avoid falling into this trap by pushing the boundaries every now and then, set new goals for yourself, and show enthusiasm for what you do. The success of your career depends on you and how much you’re willing to put in. If you simply keep a low profile and let others pass you by, you run the risk of not seeming important enough to the company. You don’t want that.  

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