When compiling a CV, there are a few unclear terms and phrases that you should avoid using. Not only will they make you seem “generic”, they might be the cause of your CV being thrown straight into the bin. Not sure what to look out for? Take a look at the list we’ve compiled for you.

“I work well within a team”

Almost every CV in the world has this phrase on it, so why would yours stand out from the rest? Even if you really are a team player, try your best to write it differently. Perhaps use an example from a previous job where you and a co-worker were recognised for your team effort on a winning project.

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“I’m motivated”

Saying that you’re a self-motivated individual simply isn’t enough. Rather use an example from a previous job where you’ve excelled at finding innovative solutions to company problems. If you’ve improved your HR system or made recommendations to improve sales for example, include it on your CV.

“My responsibilities include...”

As employees and employers we have duties and responsibilities, as our title suggests. If there are any exceptional duties that you feel most people in your position are not responsible for, include it in your CV, but don’t waffle on about every one of your tasks. Keep it simple and highlight the best parts.

“I have a proven track record”

This means nothing to recruiter unless you state examples. For example, if you’re known for being punctual, say it. Employers love workers who respect their time.

“I’m a fantastic communicator”

What do you mean by “communicator”? Have your communication skills helped your previous organisation in any way? Have you received an award or were you recognised for your outstanding communication skills? Use these examples instead of just placing a vague phrase on your CV; it will hold the recruiter’s attention better.

“Fast-paced environments is where I thrive”

This is a great trait to have as many people buckle under pressure. What’s not great is simply writing it on your CV without any supporting facts. If you’ve met an impossible deadline, be sure to include it on your CV.

Hazy phrases on your CV or cover letter is never a good idea if you want to get hired. Use terms and words that are specific and will sell you in the best possible light. You have one chance to impress, don’t waste it.

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