Many websites are quite vague about what you should do to get ahead. Careers24 understands that you need facts and not random “show more initiative” comments. We take you inside the head of a boss and tell you exactly what you should do to get promoted or recognised for your contribution at work.  

Pointing out wrongs is right
A good boss loves a good challenge, especially if your argument is intelligent and well thought out. Don’t argue with your boss for the sake of it though; be sure of your case and you’ll surely get recognised.

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Be a solver
Going to your boss with a problem is not the greatest of ideas. Going to your boss with a problem AND a solution is a great idea. Although most bosses don’t mind giving advice about how to solve a problem, many would promote an employee who has a plan of action to solve it. It shows your boss that you’re an independent thinker and capable of figuring things out for yourself.  

Spread some sunshine
Smile! It’s a favourite among bosses. Your employer loves to know that you’re actually enjoying what you do and that you're happy at work. A simple smile in passing is enough to show your boss that you appreciate working for the company.

Keep the drama at home
It’s never a good idea to go to your boss with petty drama. If you don’t like the person at the opposite desk, deal with it. If you were given blue pens instead of black, no one cares. An employee who moans about the petty things will get remembered for all the wrong reasons. Also, no one, including your boss, likes a gossip.

Lend a hand where you can
Never be complacent with what you’re doing; always ask what else you can do to help grow the company or ask if there are any projects that anyone needs assistance with. Initiative goes a long way and will set you apart from the rest.

Know your job and do it well
If you aren’t sure of what your responsibilities are, find out. Make a list of them and do your best to ensure that no one else can do your job like you. If your boss has asked you to do something more than once, they’re probably annoyed. If your plate is a bit full and your boss needs something urgent to be done, perhaps ask which of the tasks take priority.

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