Like any other job, working in a call centre can be quite challenging. Every day you have to deal with different personalities in a calm and friendly way – even if the previous customer was one of the rudest you’ve encountered. Whenever this happens, remember that your perseverance will pay off when you make a sale. Call centre jobs are great for students who want to gain experience in sales and earn an income while working part-time.

Did you know there are two kinds of call centres?

1.    Outbound call centres
In outbound centres you phone people and try to sell them a product or a service. Plenty of companies from telemarketing to private companies will hire outbound call centre agents. There is also a possibility that you’ll have to ask people to participate in a survey of sorts. Because this job is a tough one, you’ll have to learn how to deal with difficult people and not let them affect you or your work.  One thing you must always remember is professionalism.

No matter what is being thrown at you, you need to always remain professional and calm. With all the bad comes good. Every now and then you’ll find someone who wants to buy from you and will actually be pleasant. That alone will give you immense job satisfaction.

A tip for effective selling: know your product better than anyone else. A confident pitch will surely seal the deal.

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2.    Inbound call centres
This is the opposite of outbound call centres; instead of selling to the public, you’ll be receiving their phone calls. Customers will ask you about the product and possibly ask to place an order – you’ll therefore be part of customer service and provide support.  

Most cases in inbound call centres involve complaints from customers so you’ll have to be able to think quickly and be tactful in your response. Get familiar with the company’s policy regarding dealing with unsatisfied customers and understand the inns and outs of all the products or services available.

Once you’ve aced the workings of a call centre, you’ll find there’s nothing to worry about. As with any job there are ups and downs and after you’ve gained experience everything becomes easier.

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